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Equilibrium Project offers a range of medical and therapeutic interventions for people experiencing alcohol issues and addiction.

We provide home and respite retreat alcohol detoxification packages for both private and funded clients.


Equilibrium Project offers a confidential, private and personalised service that gives clients complete anonymity. We respond within 24 hours and treatment can commence within days. We are a safe, effective and well led CQC registered service.

Our highly experienced and skilled team includes alcohol detoxification nurses, general nurses, mental health nurses, therapists and life coaches trained within the U.K and all with specialist backgrounds in alcohol treatment.

Architect of Transformation and Life Success by Design are the ground breaking therapeutic programmes that have been developed from years of specialist experience. These interventions put our clients on a new pathway towards a positive, healthy and successful future.

Research shows that many addictions can be routed in past trauma. Equilibrium Project therapists offer
The Rewind Technique a proven de-traumatising protocol for clients requiring this support.

Equilibrium Project offer an individual bespoke approach to our treatment, which explores the underlying issues and associated factor that drives the need to use alcohol. We do not focus on alcohol as being the main problem or subscribe to the concept of the disease model.

Treatment is part of a personalised programme which can be administered in either your own home or at our respite retreat on the Isle of Wight. Our experience is that this approach has a very high success rate.

Equilibrium Project clients have access to 24/7 support throughout the treatment stage of detoxification.


Clients receiving this service will also benefit from one of the most groundbreaking therapeutic programmes available called Life Success by Design which is proven to maximise your ability to sustain a meaningful, long term recovery.

Home Detoxification for private and funded clients

Home Detoxification – This is a 7 day clinical and therapeutic intervention programme that will include:

Full Comprehensive Assessment
Alcohol Detoxification Treatment Programme – up to 7 days Relapse Prevention.
Additional therapeutic packages available at additional costs for our private clients.

Respite Retreat and Alcohol Detoxification on the Isle of Wight:We believe that offering this unique bespoke treatment approach has many benefits for our clients’ individual personalities and preferences. Instead of dealing with your challenges at a local service or within your own home. Equilibrium Project will bring you to the Isle of Wight away from all your external stressors and triggers to begin your treatment journey.

We will guide you through this important chapter of your life. At Equilibrium Project you’ll find the most effective methods and more personalised care than anywhere else, period. In this environment we will enable you to grow in ways your never thought possible.


Equilibrium Project Therapeutic Treatment Programmes

Equilibrium Project offers tried, tested and successful therapeutic treatments which are tailored to your own requirements to support and empower you to drive the changes you wish to make.

Our treatment and the levels of care and support are flexible, realistic and completely customisable allowing for a treatment plan with goals to be developed to fit a client’s individual needs. 

Addiction treatment is an ongoing process that requires therapy and lifestyle changes. The different elements of our treatment programmes each form a piece of the equation that constitutes the basis for sustainable long term life success by design.

Equilibrium Project Architect of Transformation and Life Success by Design Programmes

Equilibrium Project Architect of Transformation and Life Success by Design therapeutic programmes are a proven and highly effective method for the achievement of a new pathway towards a positive, healthy and successful future.

This psychological and psychosocial approach is effective due to the combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), along with mindfulness and cutting edge accelerated learning that is woven together with goal-setting principles into one holistic system for success.

Our Professionals understand  that the first and foremost goal of treatment is to engage clients in a life-changing process that leads to lasting recovery and greater life satisfaction. In order to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle it is important to provide highly individualised relapse prevention treatment programmes that will be developed and honed to each client’s requirements and to have a plan in place to minimise the chance of relapse.

Equilibrium Project’s Life Success by Design Programme is an intensive programme allowing individuals to;

  • Understand  the Cycle of Change process.
  • Identify ‘High Risk’ situations.
  • Become more self-aware of ‘comfort zones’, ‘danger zones’ – where learning and changes start to take place.
  • Identify and release locked-in patterns of trauma.
  • Develop the skills required to cope with difficult and demanding situations which place the individual at risk of a return to previous behaviour which they have chosen to change.
  • Facilitate change and encourage individuals to respond to change.
  • Use guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change.
  • Identify and work through limiting beliefs and paradigms.
  • Cope with stress and cravings using relaxation techniques, distraction and mindfulness.
  • Find real purpose, create a vision and set goals.


It’s not everyday you see kindness in words but we wanted to share these:

Every aspect of the treatment was perfect from start to finish. I was immediately introduced to the wonderful team, and after being introduced to the wonderful team I was given time to settle in before we commenced the life changing course.

In terms of the treatment, the course was very well designed, with the bulk of the material consisting of the Life Success by Design Course, which helped me immensely in finding my light at the end of the tunnel and also, more importantly, the steps I’d need to take to achieve my goals and desires. Bearing in mind I arrived believing there was nothing that could bring me joy in life, this was a TREMENDOUS step forward, one I never thought possible. The treatment was also perfectly tailored to my needs, with fantastic support provided for all of my problems. Addiction support was on hand to help me with my horrendous drugs problem, medication was provided to aid with my sleep anxiety, and any other issue was that I identified with my mental health throughout the course was swiftly explained and handled by the team. All of this was also interspersed with mediations, and Jayne’s ‘Rewind’ was quite incredibly revealing and quite frankly life changing. They have a veritable wealth of knowledge, and no matter how much of a tangent my mind would take me on they would immediately appear with a new diagram or booklet to help me understand what I was going through. I honestly couldn’t recommend the treatment enough, and that’s without mentioning the occasional day trips we’d make for seaside walks, what better place to start your recovery!

In terms of the team who run the course, I’ve never met more welcoming, more friendly or more experienced therapists. Having gone through an arsenal of previous therapists and psychologists, none of which had managed to help me in the ways that I needed, I was amazed with their knowledge, personality and contagious enthusiasm, and it felt like at every stage I was divulging my problems on eager ears who really wanted to help me as much as possible. Vicki assured me she only works with exceptional people, and let me now assure you in turn she is absolutely right. From Charlie the spiritual ‘Life Guru’ (for want of a better word), to Jayne and Corina with their wisdom and toolbox of solution, to Vicki the one who helped me hang in there when I was at my worst, I couldn’t have hoped for a better team to take me through the transformative week. All of these qualities are shared my each member of the team, they really are all as fantastic as each other!

I arrived with very little hope, with this course being the one last roll of the dice I was willing to take before I ‘clocked out’. After the week was up, I wouldn’t have been able to recognise myself from the beginning of the course. This course gave me something I never thought possible – a sense of direction and purpose as well as the tools to deal with the all-consuming monster inside my mind. This course will equip you with tools not for a few weeks, but for a lifetime. It provides the perfect foundation upon which to rediscover yourself and what you love, even for the greatest of sceptics like me. I could never recommend it enough, and I’ve found myself recommending it to a range of people, from those with serious issues to smaller issues and anyone in between. This course will start you on the path to inner peace and tranquillity, thank you ever so much! They’re a bunch of miracle workers, and I mean it.


Testimonial 2
I was tired. So so tired.
Tired of the lying, tired of the hiding, of the hangovers, of the anxiety, of THE FEAR.
I was battle weary.

I knew I needed help but I’d been here before and sought my ‘help’ through the NHS and AA. It was a tough journey and one I didn’t really want to do again. It was cold and it was hostile and obviously it didn’t work in the long run. There must be another way… and then there was.

My partner found out about Equilibrium, a home detox service.

I was apprehensive at first, who are these people? What will they do? Will it work? Again, THE FEAR. But I knew I wanted out of the endless misery that my drinking had become and I knew Equilibrium had helped others so I was prepared to give it a shot.

The ‘Dream Team’ (as I now refer to them) arrived one cold, dark December evening. We talked through the process and about me and about what we wanted to achieve. We agreed we would start the next day. They were kind, understanding and supportive.

The detox consists of a combination of medication and education. Medication for the actual physical symptoms of detox and education to help you on your path to sobriety.

Over the next few days we worked together. Using various methods they helped me understand my addiction and taught me vital techniques to help me with my ongoing journey.

I felt loved and supported and I knew they honestly cared about me and my recovery. These guys had my back.

Being at home during this process helped me enormously, not only because I felt comfortable in my own environment but also because this was the environment that I would be in through the next stages and ongoing sobriety, I needed to change my habits and triggers at home and for it to be a safe sober place.

Many months on I am happy, healthy and most importantly sober. Not gonna lie there are still difficult moments but I use what I have learnt with Equilibrium and the moments pass as quickly as they arrive.

Equilibrium taught me there is a way, a future, a hope, they taught me to love myself and furnished me with the tools to achieve. We are in contact a lot and I know they are there for me if I ever need them.

Equilibrium gave me a gift, they gave me my life back and I’m totally over the moon about it!