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Therapeutic Treatment Programmes


Equilibrium Project supports and encourages self-empowerment for you to drive the changes you wish to make, through flexible and realistic therapeutic alcohol rehabilitation treatments tailored to your own needs and goals.

Alcohol addiction treatment and recovery is an ongoing process that requires therapy and lifestyle changes. Each element of our treatment programmes build the foundations for your sustainable long-term life success.

Architect of Transformation & Life Success by Design Programmes


Equilibrium Project’s Architect of Transformation and Life Success by Design programmes offer a proven and highly effective way for you to achieve a positive, healthy, and successful future.

This psychological and psychosocial approach to alcohol dependence works by combining the established methods of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and life coaching, with mindfulness, goal-setting principles and cutting edge accelerated learning, skilfully woven together into one holistic system for success.

We understand that the foremost goal of alcohol detox treatment is to support you to create lasting recovery and greater life satisfaction. In order to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we provide bespoke relapse prevention treatment programmes and to have a plan in place to minimise the chance of relapse.


What You Will Acheive


Equilibrium Project’s Life Success by Design programme is an intensive programme which will allow you to:

  • understand the Cycle of Change process
  • identify ‘high risk’ situations
  • become more self-aware of ‘comfort zones’ and ‘danger zones’, where learning and changes start to take place
  • identify and release locked-in patterns of trauma
  • develop the skills required to cope with difficult and demanding situations which risk a return to previous behaviour
  • facilitate change and encourage you to respond positively to change, using guided imagery and visualisation in a therapeutic way
  • identify and work through limiting beliefs and paradigms
  • cope with stress and cravings using relaxation techniques, distraction, and mindfulness
  • find real purpose, create a vision, and set lasting goals.

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