In the comfort of your home or visit our retreat on the Isle of Wight.

Home Alcohol Detoxification

Why do we offer home alcohol detoxification?

Because it works.


Treatment in the location that you choose, usually the familiar surroundings of your own home, affords privacy, comfort and discretion.

Where appropriate, it also enables the input and encouragement from your loved ones who play an integral part in lasting transformation.

This is a clinical and therapeutic intervention programme, for private or funded clients, that can take up to seven days to complete and includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Alcohol detoxification treatment programme
  • Motivational Enhancement and Relapse Prevention Packages
  • Direct in-person care – compared to remote supervision from other ‘home detox’ providers

Additional therapeutic packages are available for private clients.

Island Retreat Alcohol Detoxification

Escape to the Isle of Wight to begin your alcohol detoxification journey.

This unique, bespoke alcohol detoxification treatment approach offers many benefits to meet your individual personality and preferences. Instead of dealing with your challenges at a local service or within your own home, Equilibrium Project brings you to the Isle of Wight to begin your treatment journey away from all those elements which affect your wellbeing.

We’ll guide you through this important chapter of your life. At Equilibrium Project you’ll find the most effective methods and more personalised care than anywhere else. In this safe and protective environment, you’ll grow in ways your never thought possible.