About Us

Equilibrium Project offers a confidential, private and
personalised service that gives clients complete anonymity.

Equilibrium Project is a safe and effective alcohol detoxification service, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).


Offering a confidential, private and personalised treatment that gives clients complete anonymity. We respond within 24 hours and can start your treatment within days.


Over 65 years of collective experience.


Our highly experienced and skilled team includes alcohol detoxification nurses, general registered nurses, mental health nurses, therapists and life coaches trained within the UK and all with specialist backgrounds in alcohol treatment.


Personalised treatment options to suit your needs.


Architect of Transformation and Life Success by Design are the ground-breaking therapeutic programmes that have been developed from our years of specialist experience. These interventions will free you from addiction and put you on a new pathway towards a positive, healthy and successful future.

Research shows that many addictions can be rooted in past trauma, and as such we don’t focus on alcohol as the main problem. Equilibrium Project therapists also offer the Rewind Technique, a proven and successful de-traumatising protocol.


An individual bespoke approach to alcohol detoxification.


We help you explore the underlying issues and associated factors that drive the need to use alcohol. Clients have access to clinicians 24/7 throughout the treatment stage of alcohol detoxification.

Treatment of alcohol addiction is part of personalised programme which can be administered in either your own home or at our retreat on the Isle of Wight. Our experience is that this approach to alcohol dependency has a very high success rate.

Unsure what treatment you need? Complete our quick self assessment to learn which treament may best suit your needs.